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Saturday, October 28, 2017


X-Ta-C - The Hustla The Artist The Producer (Portland, 2003)
X-Ta-C - Smelling Like Money 



X-Factor - Introducing X-Factor (Tape) (Vancouver BC, 1992)

Write Brothers

Write Brothers - Weathered Wings

Weighn And Edable

Weighn And Edable - B Bop And Rock Steddy (Boise, 201x)


T-Why - Early Bird (Boise, 2012)


T-Time - Got It Right Here (Seattle, 2006)

The Realest

The Realest - Till I Fall (Tacoma, 2010)

The Northwest Side Projects Volume One

The Northwest Side Projects Volume One (Portland, 200x)

The Mastermindz

The Mastermindz - Revelationz (Boise, 2007)

The Longplay

The Longplay (Vancouver BC, 2001)

The 1st Black President

The 1st Black President Presents The Cam-Pain (Everett, 2009)

Taylor Mosley

Taylor Mosley - Trademark (Seattle, 2002)

Tasman Holloway

Tasman Holloway - Ocean Vibes (Seattle, 2015)

Tanya Diaz

Tanya Diaz - All By Myself (Tacoma, 2001)


Talilo - My Truality (Portland, 2012)

Syndel Of Sirens Echo

Syndel Of Sirens Echo - Enchantress (Portland, 2006)


 Spitfire - The Fuego Tape (Portland, 2010)
Spitfire - PDX: The Mixtape (DJ Fatboy Edition) (Portland, 2012)


Sojournalism - The Summer Articles (Portland, 2009)

Sly Coli

Sly Coli - Meal Ticket (Seattle, 2009)

Sketchy Waze

Sketchy Waze - The Prodigy (Boise, 2008)


Sixo - Free Floating Rationales (Ft. Worth, 2012)
featuring Onry Ozzborn, Moka Only, Barfly